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Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

Before the browsing trends changed, there were the basic company websites. With the change in browsing habits, people have adopted to access websites on different devises like tablets, mobile phones etc. Browsing basic sites on different screen sizes was a horrible experience as there was difficulty in page loading, image loading and other navigation problems. To find a logical solution to these problems, two different sites were created with same content. One is the desktop version and the other is the mobile phone version. Things became more complicated as users used different screen sizes with different functionality and resolution to access websites. This is when a responsive web design comes to aid to resolve all these problems.


Responsive Web Design

With a responsive web design, one master style sheet is used for creating websites that can open in any devise. The website adjusts automatically and rearranges the icons, expands and contracts according to the screen sizes. By adopting responsive web designs, we no longer have to manage two or more different sites for different devises. There will be no negative impact on the page rank as traffic remains concentrated on only one site rather than many. However, just like any website, a responsive design web design also has to be optimized for driving the traffic.

SEO Benefits

Decreases Bounce Rate: If a website opens perfectly on all screen sizes, then visitors will stay for longer time and bounce rates will decrease. They will not leave your site if the content is easily accessed from mobile phones, tablets and other devises.

Reduces Load Time: When you do not have to redirect the visitors to different sites with one responsive web design website, it reduces the maintenance issues and load time.

Google Preference: Google reigns as a search engine giant. It cracks its whip on poor quality content, spammers and other issues that are not user friendly. Needless to say that with responsive web site users will be most benefitted. Therefore, Google also recommends the design with one URL per page that makes it easier for users to navigate the site easily.

Easy Optimization and Maintenance

Your efforts to optimize reduce drastically. You no more have to optimize different sites for different devises. With quality content, right keywords and quality links, you can enhance the visibility of the site in the search results.

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