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Here at Nirvana Canada, we recognize the importance of creating and curating high-quality content, that translates to click-throughs and dollars. We may make you a wireframe that works, but if it isn’t filled with goodies for your customer or client: value-adding words and images, you will lose their interest. And that’s the last thing we want.

Content Writing for the Web

  • Best Web Copy Guaranteed

    Our web copy is well-written and proof read

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    We provide Google-oriented web content!

We are so looking forward to talking to you about what message you want to put forward. Pictures go together with words and are an important part of the whole but in the end, what matters is what your visitor reads: short and sweet, before they move on – with enough for the big content consumers who read and investigate further.


Let’s get straight to the point. Nirvana Canada offers two things when it comes to content:

  • CreationWhen you approach us with your content needs, and enquire about what the content team at Nirvana can write for you, we assume a blank slate: starting from scratch. In reality, you probably have plenty of source material. In all likelihood, you have an existing website. We will make sure we gather all your content, from photos to testimonials, and all that you want to say (your messaging), in order to create original content that represents and sells you on the web. Using the cheat sheet above, we will come up with a content strategy, starting with the original stuff that tells the web and the world just who you are and what you can do for them.

  • CurationContent curation is a huge part of online life now: perhaps the biggest. With every link or service you recommend, tweet or status update you publish, or blog-post you write, you are collecting content from elsewhere. At Nirvana, we want that to be either your content (as above), or content that establishes you as an authority, someone ‘switched on’ in your industry. Allow us to take over scheduling and make sure you are noticed by search engines because of prodigious output in all social media and on your blog. Let’s move some traffic!


Let’s break the rules a little. We would like to offer you a cheat sheet, if you will. Here’s a list of things we would ask during our free, no-obligation consultation with you. We’re interviewing each other, right? Broadly, this is what we would cover:

  • A

    Tell us about yourself and your business. Who are you? What are you about? What is your brand? If you have branding needs, we can most certainly help with that. Here are some of the projects from our portfolio that we are particularly proud of.

  • B

    Who are you speaking to? Tell us about your customer, client, virtual visitor. We want to serve them from the first point of contact: usually a website, but also social media and other ports of call on the internet.

  • C

    What is your message? What are you trying to accomplish? How does it relate to what you want to say with this particular piece or portal of communication.


Some may question why would give away free information like this. Well, in a sense, it helps us if you come prepared with a better idea of what to expect and if you’re thinking about these questions. Right now, if you’re a competitor, you’re rolling your eyes, aren’t you? We love you anyway! You make us perform better too.

You see, we’re safe in the knowledge that no one does it like Nirvana. Even if you can perfectly refine your answers and your goals, how will you put it together? With the help of a content professional. We hope you will choose the one we have, in-house, at Nirvana, trust you will at least try us out. now.

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