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All you Need to know before Choosing SEO Friendly CMS

Most small business owners with websites strive to create web presence by adopting various strategies and techniques. Adopting an SEO friendly CMS is also one of the most effective ways to lead the online presence.

A CMS allows a website owners or webmasters to maintain a web presence without much technical knowledge. It allows uploading and editing content easy. Popular SEO friendly CMS are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. When it comes to search engine optimization, you have to know the aspects like Crawlability and Relevance of a good CMS.



✔          Format: It is advisable to a void Flash or JavaScript to display the relevant content.
✔         Robots.txt: Allows editing and creating the robots.txt archive to control search engine access to the site.
✔         Canonical Tag: It allows configuring canonical tags in pages in order to avoid duplicate content.
✔         Meta Robots: Allows adding Meta robots tag in the WebPages head to disable indexing.
✔         Sitemap .xml: it automates the sitemap.xml generation and updates it with the content of the site.
✔         Size and Speed: Optimizes and minimizes code, requests and images and allows catching to improve the speed and performance.
✔         RSS: It helps in generating RSS Feeds automatically for all new pages.
✔         Security: Provides security features to prevent any web spam attack.
✔        Redirections: Lets you easily 301 redirect pages, avoiding cannibalization issues and content duplication


✔         Meta Description: Lets you to personalize the Meta description data and set rules to automate it with patterns.
✔         Title Tag: Allows optimizing the title tag for each web page and automate its content with patterns.
✔        Heading Tags: Includes heading tags for each page that you can optimize and modify.
✔       Text Content and Images: Allows including unique text for each page and set a personalized alt description and caption for images.

With the above points in mind, you can choose a CMS for easy editing, navigation, visual appeal, and to enhance the web presence of your website and business.

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