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4 Effective Strategies for Creating a Newsletter People Actually Want to Read

Increasing conversion rates and building business brand recognition and exposure can all be achieved through the creation and dissemination of a well-developed newsletter. While e-mail marketing, at one point in time, was deemed overused and spam-like, these days e-mail marketing can be an effective marketing strategy for reaching out to a targeted audience and cultivating long-term relationships with customers.

Here are 4 effective strategies for creating a newsletter people will actually want to read and not dispatch to the junk folder:

1. Focus on a Theme/Topic

In order to keep readers’ attention, make sure to have a particular theme or topic for your newsletter, instead of inputting various topics which are unrelated. If it’s a seasonal newsletter, you can always include seasonal tips on decorating, recipes, etc.

2. Offer Sales Incentives

A great way to retain newsletter membership is to offer sales incentives in the way of offering targeted discounts, or promotions which are available only to newsletter subscribers. To ramp this up another notch, you could offer additional products/services to subscribers, based on items they had purchased previously.

3. Be Consistent with Delivery

Now that you have readership for your newsletter, you will want to instill both trust and value among readers and to do this you need to consistently deliver your newsletter to them on a regularly scheduled basis.

4. Optimized for Mobile

Many of today’s internet users access the internet via their mobile devices, so if your newsletter is not optimized for mobile access, you can guarantee that your newsletter will not be well read. Make sure your newsletter is usable across all types of mobile devices (quick loading time, easy-to-read fonts, easy to read layout).

Using a little creativity, focus and consistency with your newsletter,you can generate a larger customer base, increase sales, enhance business brand, and promote customer loyalty and trust. Newsletters will continue to be a useful digital marketing tool for online business owners and, although not everyone desires to send out newsletters to their customer base, there are those who see the value and return that newsletters can bring to one’s business bottom line.

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