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4 Ways to Design Your Homepage for Holiday Shopping

If you are an online retailer and you haven’t already fine-tuned ways to design your homepage for holiday shopping,there is still time to do so before the festive season is over.

Statistics provided by Google indicated that, last year,over 75% of holiday shoppers sourced out their gift giving options via the Internet, and that an impressive 40% of all holiday-related shopping was conducted through eCommerce sites. This trend in online consumer behavior shows no signs of slowing down, so if you want to maximize your online sales over the holiday season, you should give your homepage a mini festive makeover.

Homepage for Holiday Shopping

Consider these 4 ways to design your homepage for holiday shopping and begin cashing in on one of the biggest sales periods of the year:

1. Add a Festive Background

To get your online visitors in the mood for the holiday season, you may want to include a festive background on your homepage. Try to choose an image that isn’t overly visually distracting but rather an image that emanates the spirit of Christmas in a subtle way, such as gifts under a Christmas tree.

2. Create Festive Social Media Icons

To add a touch of festivity that is both creative and effective for enticing online visitors to use your social media channels, look at modifying your social media icons as tiny colorful presents.



3. Add Holiday Calls to Action

In order to maximize holiday profits, make sure to promote your holiday sales via calls to action that are prominent on your homepage, so that online shoppers are enticed to follow through with purchases.

4. Update Your Keywords to Reflect Holiday Shoppers’ Searches

Holiday shoppers do much of their gift giving research via popular search engines, such as Google. In order to ensure that shoppers are able to locate your site among their searches, you need to update your keywords to reflect keywords which are trendy for this year’s holiday season.

Online businesses can make significant profits over the Christmas season by simply adding a few festive design elements to their homepage for holiday shopping and by optimizing their site to enhance the experience for shoppers.

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