Analytics– Statistical analysis
of your website's performance and visitors

Analytics & Reporting

Google Analytics is a measurement of success for your online business.


Do you know who is visiting your site, how often and what is the source of traffic generation? Nirvana Canada has an expert team of Google Analytics and monthly reporting that helps you keep a track of the performance of your online marketing campaigns.

Understanding and interpreting the analytics in the right manner is the need of the hour. Every website stands to learn the visitor demographics, potential visitor sources and also improve on their visitor count with proper analysis of their website traffic. Google Analytics is the necessary tool in your digital marketing campaign.

Need of Analytics and Reporting

  • Measure the website traffic
  • Discover the traffic sources
  • Measure conversions and sales
  • Review performance of online campaigns, AdWords
  • Identifying low-performing web pages
  • Track the bounce rate of visitors
  • And much more...

We make sure you have a better grasp of your online performance through the implementation of analytics and customizing it for you. It helps in improving the performance of various web pages and their traffic. We also offer custom monthly report generation that helps you to make critical business decisions. We further strengthen your online marketing strategies in accordance to the performance of these campaigns measured by analytics report.

For implementing and customizing Google Analytics for your website and improving on your sales conversion on the website, contact our experts today.

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