Aaron W. Smith- Founder of GoVoluntouring Contributing Travel Writer at the Huffington Post.

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Success Stories

Company Background

Go Voluntouring is dedicated to provide volunteering and applied learning programs to volunteers around the world. Through its online portal, it provides a common platform to organizations to showcase different volunteering opportunities at different global destinations. Volunteers can find and select projects in different corners of the world.

Nirvana Canada launched the initial phase of GoVoluntouring in 2010.
It was huge success and the website has been covered in print and electronic media as well.

After the overwhelming response to the first phase, global travel agent, Flight Centre, went on to acquire GoVoluntouring. Today, the website is one of the responsible travel divisions of Flight Centre.

We then went on to design and develop the second phase of the website. It is being listed as "Holidays for Humanity" and is also a major success. The website brings in volunteers, learners and overseas teachers to one common online community.


We took on the challenge to create a simple and effective website that brought volunteers from across the globe to find the best volunteering opportunities. Our powerful and efficient fundraising tool has been instrumental in helping people bring more value to their travel experience. One can also make immense contribution and enrich themselves about different potential global destinations in an easy way. The information provided for each travel/volunteer destination offers explanation of diverse matters such as safety, electrical standards, and emergency numbers and so on; ensuring that you are safe and comfortable throughout the journey.

Technology & Brand Promotion

This successful website has been built on Drupal, one of the best CMS in the world.

We took into account social media sites, developed brand building and marketing strategies through careful competitor analysis, posted important blog entries, targeted existing and potential customers, uploaded and marketed videos, along with interesting and relevant content, Google alerts, and a whole lot more. We made a splashy entry into Facebook with GoVoluntouring touching the 23000 mark at present and growing steadily.


The page views have increased on the website around 50% of the total views. Our on-going three month SEO work has surpassed the expectations laid out initially as we continue to do manage and monitor this.

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