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Mobile Marketing in Vancouver

With mobile searches counting for one-third of the total searches, your online marketing plan needs to be mobile-ready as well!

With every business catching on the smartphone revolution, your business should not be left behind. Customers are browsing, buying, sharing and doing just about anything on their mobile internet. It has become the simplest way to buy apparel, read a book, buy movie tickets, read reviews and even find a handyman in your area.

Scope of Mobile Marketing

  • Internet Users Going Mobile

    More and more internet users are using mobile devices for shopping and browsing

  • Convenient and On The Go

    Mobile internet is convenient than desktop internet and available anywhere, anytime!

Staggering facts about mobile marketing:

  • 77% Canadian will prefer their mobile devices to search online
  • 61% call business after searching for them on mobile internet
  • 30-40% ads are viewed by mobile internet users
  • 44% online shopping done through mobile devices

Nirvana Canada helps you develop a Vancouver based mobile marketing strategy and implement it successfully to get you the competitive edge. Reaching out to your mobile users helps to build a local presence for your business. Users in a particular area, use their mobile internet to search for services and products in and around their locality. Our mobile marketing strategy development takes into account the need of optimization of your business on local searches and improving its presence on local business listings. We also develop quality reviews for your business across different search engines and business listings in Vancouver.

More to mobile marketing

Our mobile marketing strategy works on all corners to help improve your presence on the local searches. Our mobile campaigns include map information, check-ins, social media promotion and a lot more.

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