How Accurate
Are your Business Listings?

Local Business Marketing

Want to be found on the local searches made in your neighborhood or city?
Want your potential customers to locate you in their area? Then, local search marketing is the solution for you!

All local businesses and service providers can benefit from the targeted results derived through local search optimization. Submission to local business directories helps your potential customers find you online. If you want to be found at the top of the local searches, then Nirvana Canada offers you effective and focused local search marketing solutions. We help integrate your business locally with respect to mobile searches, GPS, online directories and local consumer searches.

People can use the local directories and business listing to find a service provider on maps in their location. The business profile, service details and contact information are then available to the customers through these listings.

Local Search Marketing Services include:

Need of Local Search

  • Web Design Agency

    People Are Shopping Locally

    Most buyers look for local businesses

  • Generate Local Business

    Good generation of local business leads

Some of our Services for Local Search Marketing

  • Setting up of accounts
  • Updating websites with the business listing tag
  • Uploading videos and images to the business profiles
  • Optimizing mobile search for the accounts
  • Location-specific link strategy
  • Profile creation with accurate information
  • Regularly update the account for products/ services, special offers, other changes (moving, hours, etc.)

We work with your in-house resources to help create complete business listings for your company on various local directories. It is important for us to establish your presence on as many quality web directories as possible in your area to get maximum impact.

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