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Understanding How Google Search Console Can Improve SEO in Vancouver

Businesses in Vancouver who have a website more than likely have some form of SEO strategy in place for the purposes of scoring higher rankings within Google’s search engine and other leading search engines out there.

SEO in Vancouver

While there are many tips for SEO in Vancouver scattered about the Internet, a powerful and completely free SEO toolset available to all businesses is Google’s very own “Google Search Console”. Formally known as Google Webmaster tools, Google’s search console is powerful, in that it helps businesses monitor their website traffic, provides statistical information on visitors, provides reports on errors and helps optimize search rankings.

It is important to understand that one cannot simply install the Google search console and receive better search rankings. A thorough understanding of how to use Google’s rebranded toolset is needed in order to achieve positive search ranking results.

Some of the console features that should be understood include:

• Verification Of Search Console Account

This is the process which involves verifying ownership of a website(s). Verification can be completed via Google analytics or through the YOAST plug-in (if you are using WordPress).

• Site Settings

This pertains to setting up a preferred domain and setting a crawl rate for Googlebot.

• Google Analytics Property

Here, one is able to connect Google Search Console to Google analytics, providing efficient access to data.

There are a number of other features included within this toolset, but without the proper skill set and experience, using these tools to optimize SEO can be incredibly difficult.

If you are a business owner with a website and need assistance with SEO in Vancouver and in integrating Google’s search console, consider contacting an SEO professional today.

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