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4 Tips to Improve SEO in Vancouver

Although not known for being a new marketing strategy for e-Commerce companies, SEO remains a vital component to the success of Vancouver businesses’ online profits.

Effective marketing strategies include SEO, as it helps drive relevant traffic to one’s site, enhances the business brand and solidifies a strong online presence. So what must you consider when trying to improve SEO for your Vancouver business?

SEO in Vancouver

Here are 4 helpful SEO tips:

1. Enhance User Engagement

If you want to improve your site performance, make sure to optimize your site for enhanced user engagement. Users should be able to access all features and elements of your site with relative ease from any kind of device, ranging from a standard PC to a tablet, or smartphone. A happy site visitor raises the likelihood of conversions and significantly reduces bounce rates. Google favors sites that place emphasis on enhanced user engagement.

2. Include Good Quality Content

A key ingredient in keeping users on your site is to include good quality content that is both relevant and interesting. Long gone are the days where website owners could simply repeat keywords throughout their pages. Giving your readership what they want is a sure way to keep online users happy and Google as well.

3. Use Selective Keywords

In addition to including good quality content, Vancouver online businesses need to be selective in choosing keywords to include in their site content. Keywords should be relevant and flow naturally throughout content. Ensure to avoid keyword “stuffing”.

4. Include Video

A great way to catch and retain online attention is to include video into websites. Integrating video will not only help enhance the business brand and trust among new and existing consumers, but will catch the attention of Google. Video SEO is a modern trend in digital marketing and a report by Marketing Land indicated that videos made up 62% of all Google searches universally.

E-commerce businesses can strengthen their SEO strategies by implementing some of the above noted SEO tips and staying abreast of current and future trends in digital marketing. Going beyond basic SEO in Vancouver will ensure that your business site stays relevant on the virtual landscape.

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