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Responsive Web Design vs Dedicated Mobile Website

As with any online business, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each strategy before taking the big leap. In order to run a successful online business. you need a mobile presence, whether that be through a responsive web design, or a dedicated mobile website. It can be difficult to decide on one vs the other, in terms of a suitable online mobile strategy without knowing the pros of each solution.

Responsive Web Design vs Dedicated Mobile Website

In order to know which one to consider, responsive web design vs dedicated mobile website, check out the differences between the two of them:

Responsive Web Design

The adjustment of website content and layout to meet various screen sizes on a variety of devices, ranging from PC’s to mobile devices, such as smart phones, is responsive web design. Some of the key advantages to this online mobile strategy are:

• Cost-effective - There is only one website which requires development and maintenance. Any updates on the one website are reflected across devices. As well, only one set of content needs to be produced, with no danger of duplicate content. With a separate mobile site, the content must be different than the main site, thus requiring two versions of your content.
• Consistent user experience – Users have the ability to access your site in the same fashion, regardless of what device they may be using.
• Google likes responsive web design – Given that one of the biggest search engine’s out there favors responsive web design, it may be a good option for companies wanting to advance rankings.

Dedicated Mobile Website

Designing a separate website geared strictly for mobile devices is considered a dedicated mobile website and accommodates a prefix or suffix to the websites main domain such as Some of the key advantages to this online mobile strategy are:

• Customized content and layout – Using a dedicated mobile website essentially enables you to provide custom content and a specific layout for mobile users which would be different from content and layout on a PC.
• Quicker access – the mobile user experience is enhanced when using a dedicated mobile website as users have quicker access to your site pages due to it being mobile optimized and incorporating features which are streamlined.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the differences between each online mobile strategy, you can choose the most appropriate solution to meet your online business needs and the needs of your consumers.

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