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Your Logo, Your Website, Your Assets

When you build a website for your business, you are giving your business a location and an identity, as well as defining your brand. Just think about how central a website can be to the everyday operation of your business and the image you are projecting.   Your website design is essentially your storefront, whether you also have a physical business location or not. It often centers around your logo design, which is a key visual representation of your brand.


Now think about how damaging the consequences could be if you don’t protect your rights to these important assets; your domain name, your website design and your logo design.

As you build your business, you are building your brand and creating value in the form of good will and a loyal customer following. As people become familiar with the look of your brand and your domain as your digital location, their value and importance to your business increase. That is why it is vitally important to make sure you have ensured your legal ownership of these assets.

Domain Name

When you register your domain name, the name to whom it is registered is the legal owner of the domain. Ensure that your domain is registered in your name, or your company name, with your correct contact information associated with the registration. You might think this is obvious, but if you have someone else obtain the domain on your behalf, such as the web development company who builds your website, and they register the domain in their name, they become the legal registered owner of your domain.

Logo Design

When you have a logo design done for you, you must ensure that you obtain legal ownership of the design, in writing, from the designer. Then you should trademark the logo so that it is legally protected from being copied by others. You should also trademark any other eligible content on your website, such as slogans and other branding elements.

Website Design

Your web design Vancouver and all of the features on the site such as graphics, videos, text content etc. are protected by copyright. You should display the copyright symbol on your website to indicate that you will not accept unauthorized use of your intellectual property. It is important to note that, just as your logo design is the property of its creator until is signed over to you in writing, so too would your website design be.   You should have written transfer of ownership to you from the website designer upon completion.

Protecting your website and your valuable branding assets from being copied is very important to the security and integrity of your business. You put a lot into building a successful company and brand and you must ensure that nobody can trade on your good name by copying your logo or your image, or worse, by laying claim to those assets.

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