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Why should you use Drupal?

Since its introduction, Drupal has gained worldwide popularity. It has been seen as a scalable, powerful and high value solution that can help you manage and grow internet presence. Drupal is open source that means the code is available freely to anyone. It means no license fees as well as no vendor lock in. It is supported by a passionate community of millions of developers who consistently work to improve the functionality and security of Drupal.


1. Flexibility

Most of the content management systems offer custom coding and narrow frameworks but this is not the scenario with Drupal. It comes out of the box ready to display your brand in highly-usable environment which is interactive too. It allows you the flexibility to design your Drupal website to suit your business requirements without many restrictions of earlier CMS tools.

2. Free CMS

Most of the CMS systems charge considerable fee that comes as a part of the licensing agreement to use the software. For many small business web design requirements, these costs are restrictive. Sometimes, these are not even revealed during the sale. Besides, the subscription costs can vary. On the contrary,
Drupal is totally free and does not have any kind of hidden fees. The benefits are amazing when you look at the life cycle of a website that typically can be up to six years.

3. Extensive API Support

While choosing a CMS for your business, it is important to know what type of support you will get from third party applications for that particular tool. Today’s smart businesses operate their organizations with the help of API’s which allow two programs communicate with each other. Drupal boasts of extensive API support which is well-document and as a result, allows you to create your own custom modules.

4. Search Engine Friendly

Once your website is visible and online, the role of SEO or search engine optimization starts. It plays an important role for your business’s online marketing strategy. Created as a community platform, Drupal was designed to be SEO friendly. It has enormous flexibility to showcase content in a manner that search engines cannot resist.

5. Fast Development

Time is a significant factor that decides what is worth for you and what is not. It has its importance if you are paying for a group of marketing strategists, developers and web designers. Deploying an external-facing Drupal site can take hours. Drupal installs its core right out the box and then set up an easy-to-use platform for making visual, content or module updates and even third party integrations. It assists small businesses get notices, share important content and drive traffic.

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