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Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

The increase in the number of people who use Internet enabled mobile devices has placed a greater importance for the need to have responsive web designed sites.  Responsive web design involves the process of designing a site which will enable online users to view pages perfectly on any device such as desktops, smart phones, laptops or tablets.

Here are some answers to the question,Why is Responsive Web Design Important?


According to statistics from Smart Insights, mobile usage is increasing all the time. Here are their findings:
• Desktop internet users will increase from 1.4 billion to 1.6 billion users in 2015.
• Mobile internet users will increase from 800 million to 1.9 billion users in 2015.
• Smartphone users check their devices 150 times a day.
• 46% of mobile users report having problems viewing a static site.
• 44% of people surveyed claim navigation was difficult on smaller devices.
• 69% of tablet users have shopped with their tablet in the last 30 days.



Google has determined responsive web design to be best practice and as a result, will favor Websites which provide a better user experience for online searchers. If a Website has a well-designed user interface (easy to navigate, fits well on a variety of screen sizes) and includes well-written content, Google will enhance the
rankings of such a Website.


Constructing a responsive design eliminates the need for the development, hosting, marketing and maintenance involved with having a mobile Website. In having only one Website to manage, both time and money are saved.


In today’s competitive e-Commerce world, companies need to stay abreast of the latest trends in marketing strategies in order to move ahead of their competitors. With the huge number of people using mobile devices to conduct online searches, e-Commerce businesses can rake in a significant amount of profit over that of their competitors through the use of responsive web design.

In summary, if a company’s marketing team were to raise the question on Why is Responsive Web Design Important, the above-mentioned reasons should be enough to fulfill their curiosity.

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