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Simple Keys to a Modern Website

A website with E-commerce is one of the most important aspects of a modern business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small ticket retailer, a big box item store, a warehouse or even a service provider including “go to client” and restaurant services. All of these businesses have a few key elements in common that if done well drive new clientele and repeat business to them as well as giving consumers an online purchase or booking option. All you are adding to your business model is website development and e-commerce developed capability.
If you are a Vancouver business due for web development or it is time for upgrades from that old site the neighbors kid designed for you here are a few key things to look for.


1.    User access and changes. A professional company will give you passwords and instructions for you to be able to access a page or pages of your site and how to make changes to you listings. This could be inventory, prices or a menu. Even weekly specials or a specific sale could be altered by you the user. Beware of the web developers who want to hold all the cards and charge you for simple access.

2.   Mobile optimization. The world continues to never be out of reach of their smartphones, tablets and other connected media like smart TVs. This is a simple sales channel that a professional web design company will be able to do for you almost automatically. Don’t leave out the mobile user who might purchase by phone while on route. Or book the appointment or reservation while out or between meetings. Optimizing the site for multi-platform use ensures every consumer will have access to you.

3.    E-commerce. It’s more than just hanging up the shingle and waiting for customers these days. A secure e-commerce website development team will create a platform that makes it safe and easy for transaction to place at the customer’s convenience. All you do is read the invoice, receipt or booking conformation message and be ready for them to arrive for pick up or in some cases ship it out.

With those simple elements as part of your overall website design you are well prepared for a modern business approach. Remember professional Web development in Vancouver, and e-commerce aspects are easy to do, improve sales options and are cost effective.

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