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SEO for Web Designers: Best Practices‎

In a nutshell, search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as “SEO”, is the strategy used to optimize websites to rank well on search, so that both consumers and search engines can locate e-Commerce businesses.  The better the SEO strategy, the better the rankings and odds for online business success.

SEO for Web Designers

When approaching SEO, one must understand it is an ongoing process and not just a few steps here and there and presto, all is done.  Although it takes some time and effort to establish, SEO for Web Designers can be an extremely effective tool if best practices are used.

Here are some SEO best practices Web Designers can use to get started on the right path:

• Know What Competitors Are Doing And What Consumers Are Demanding

In order to stay ahead of the game, e-Commerce businesses should have a handle on what their competitors are doing in terms of content which fuels viewer demand and benefits SEO rankings. Knowing how competitors are performing with keywords and content topics provides valuable information on how to raise the bar to surpass them in popularity with search engines and consumers.

• Design Using Mobile SEO

It is extremely rare nowadays to come across anyone who does not own or use a mobile device of some type, whether it be an iPhone, iPad or tablet.  Mobile devices are common in most households so it is essential for Web Designers to construct websites using SEO for mobile.
According to a study conducted by BrightEdge, errors on websites account for 68% loss of web traffic.  Loss of consumer attention at that percentile would be a huge blow to any business, success wise.

• Good Quality Content

When it comes to SEO best practices, having good quality content should be a priority. Good content should be clear, concise and relevant to online users’ queries.  SEO strategies are always changing, but at present, content should include keywords and phrases which search engines determine to be accurate, interesting and naturally fluid.

SEO for Web designers is becoming much less technical and becoming easier to implement. Following some basic SEO best practices, business websites will be more visible to the digital community, create better user experiences and enhance business success.

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