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Responsive web design means higher sales

The number of mobile internet users is increasing at a rapid rate and many users do most of their browsing and purchasing on a mobile device rather than a desktop. The need to have a site that works well for mobile users is essential for conversion optimization. A responsive website design has become the new standard – for good reason.

• 63% of adult smartphone owners use their phones to go online
• 34% of internet users go online mostly using their phones


Responsive web design


A responsive website has many benefits:

• It looks good and functions well on all screen sizes.
• You only have to maintain one site which is easier and more cost-effective
• Your social inbound and outbound links and social interaction benefits aren’t  split between two sites, therefore your SEO efforts are maximized
• Google favours responsive sites, so your SERP may be better
• Your mobile visitors will have a good user experience on your site, staying longer and buying more, resulting in a higher overall conversion rate

Why not just use your standard site for mobile visitors?

Mobile users can certainly view a standard site, however the comparatively small screen size means that much of it will be too small to read. Thus, the user will have to zoom in to do so and then scroll back and forth to see the entire width of the site. This can be frustrating for users and cause them to leave your site, increasing your bounce rate. A higher bounce rate means lower conversions of visitors to customers – not what you are trying to achieve! As well, your SERP ranking is negatively affected by a higher bounce rate, damaging your potential for good website performance even further.

What about a separate mobile site?

A separate site does provide a good experience for mobile users and may have the desired effect of a good conversion rate, but it is more work to maintain two sites. Plus you’ll have to double your testing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts to maintain a high SERP ranking.

How about a mobile app?

A mobile app is appealing to users for extremely interactive platforms that they would likely use frequently, such as social media accounts, games, streaming and up-to-the-minute information like the weather. However, if users don’t want to download an app to visit your site, their choices will be either to make do with your standard site, or bounce.
To satisfy mobile users and maximize conversions, Nirvana Canada has found that, for their clients, a responsive site is the way to go.

Conversion Optimization Testing

Regular, controlled conversion optimization testing on your site will ensure that you are posting the most effective content and that your campaigns are as successful as they can be. You will maximize your overall conversion rate for both computer and mobile users. This can be done on a responsive site, as on a standard site. Just make sure that your test variation pages are designed to scale properly across screen sizes. Yes, this means testing is more work, but think of the effort you’re saving by only maintaining one responsive site rather than a standard site plus a mobile site!

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