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How to Get More Facebook Likes in Some Easy Ways?

Facebook Likes Still Matter… A Lot!

The moment one of your Facebook page fan likes your post or status, the message is passed on to their friends and so on. Newsfeed feature of the social networking giant makes it an absolute essential for every online marketer. Your posts act as a viral message that is easily spread across the network. If you have good engagement on Facebook, you are sure to make heads turn in your direction!


On the contrary, it is also important to stay away from promises and software that claim to buy you a BIG number of Facebook page Likes in as less as 3 months’ time. It might sound tempting but might not buy you the love and following of your prospects. You just can’t get social and also engage without actually socializing on these platforms. Therefore, try to be a bit more “available” and a little more “reachable” on the social media than using some I-swear-I-can-do-it software!

Here are some easy, sought after ways to get more Likes for your Facebook Page:

1. Keep Updating But Don’t Overdo It!

If you land up on a Facebook Page which has a few posts updated in a gap of 10 days or even months, you generally avoid liking it! People prefer to like Facebook pages that are active and well-populated. However, no one wants to be bombarded with a series of newsfeeds from a Facebook Page with 10 posts in every hour. That can really work against you and more people find end up “unliking” your page.

2. Start Liking

It is a rat race out there! Everyone is fighting for attention! Unless you are a big shot like Apple, McDonalds, Coca Cola or Disney, people might not look for you on Facebook. It is important to start visiting Facebook fan pages and also start liking them. If you want likes then you need to like other pages as well.

FB Likes

Here’s a small trick though! Try to find and like pages where you are most likely to find your target audience or the closest group to it! For example, if you are an author trying to sell your book, don’t just shout about it from the roof top. Instead, find literary groups or reader group where people share and engage. Talk about interesting facts and gradually introduce your book, your writing style or just lead them to your landing page.

3. Get Active, Get Noticed!

If you think that “liking” a Facebook fan page would do the trick for you, then probably you need some tutoring on how to engage and socialize on Facebook. Unless and until, you start contributing and sharing your inputs with the pages, chances of getting lost in the crowd are pretty obvious!

post likes and comments

If you happen to be on 10 different Facebook fan pages and you contribute at least 20 comments on each one of them on a weekly basis, then 200 footprints a week is what you achieve through this social activity. People who read your comments, find your inputs ‘worth it”, track you back to your Facebook page even before you start asking for any likes here.

4. Get Dedicated Facebook Marketing Team


You have a dedicated marketing team for your website, alright! The moment the design was finalized (or maybe you thought of getting a website designed), you were planning on its promotion. Then, what is so not-so-promising about a Facebook page. It is the biggest social network on the Internet and people are literally living their social life on it. Businesses, especially start ups, need to use it in the most judicious manner. More importantly, you can use content wisely in the form of blogs, articles et al for promoting your Facebook page and vice versa.

5. Free Giveaways and Social Engagements

How about a new free report or a survey that you have recently conducted? Organizing a webinar or engaging users with valuable content or giveaways such as data and free coupons actually win a lot of heart than you might know! It is one of the oldest and most popular ways of ‘buying’ a Like. You can trade a Like for a free report or a discount coupon on your Facebook page.

You can use your website to feature a coupon snippet that asks users to “Like Facebook Page and Get 50% On Next Purchase”. Surprisingly, many people don’t mind liking a Facebook page for some benefit.

6. Polls, Contests, and Other Tools on Facebook Page

More social activity and engagement on your Facebook profiles is a calling for more Likes, fans and followership. You stand to win hands-down if you have something new and interactive going on your page. A poll, a rewarding contest and even free coupons keep users tuned in for more!

There are many websites and applications that help you create events, polls, contests, offers, groups and a whole lot of “fun” factors on your Facebook page. You gain more fans and keep them pouring in with such creative and interesting efforts.

7. Comment Using Facebook Comments on Blogs

You can find Facebook comment sections on blogs and various news posts. You can use these sections to comment on a hot topic or give your inputs on any news or piece of information relating to your industry. You can establish your credibility, get noticed and easily network on these Facebook comment sections.

You can simple choose your Facebook profile using “Post this comment as…” and share valuable thoughts and useful information through these comment boxes. It is a good idea to choose your Facebook Fan Page profile to comment on a news or blog. Your quality of comment actually directs a lot of users to your page.

8. Use Facebook Fan Page Widgets

You must have seen that Facebook Page Widget here and there on blogs, article sites, news sites, and just about every other website. The old Facebook Fan Page widget has given way to various varieties and styles. You can embed Facebook newsfeed, friends and recent activities right on your website or blog. You can also generate likes or take a user directly to your Facebook page with a click on the widgets.

facebook feeds

For instance, you have a long post (interesting though) and you direct the users to like your Facebook page before reading the complete post. These widgets are everywhere on the Internet. WordPress itself has 100s to give you the edge!

All in all, it is a good marketing tactic to have a Facebook page worth sharing and socializing. It stands to win the attention of many users, triggering an increase in the number of Likes and Fans for your page.

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