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Google New Scrapper Report and its Benefits

Google has been trying to give the best to the users. It has taken various steps in promoting quality and informative content and penalizes spammers. However, there are some websites that get high ranking with copied or duplicate content. It is quite annoying to the original publisher and Google has launched the scrapper report tool to address this issue. The scrapper report tool Shows as-

It is a positive development that can solve the problem of scrappers to a large extent till Google manages to automate the detection and removal process.

Google’s Latest Scrapper Report


Google’s web spam lead Matt Cutts says that the Google scrapper report may not fix the duplicate content issue as of now. However, it asks people to report the issue by sharing the details such as original content URL, the duplicate content site URL, and search results. Although duplicate content issue has been taken care by the DMCA system, it is a slow process. Since the number of spammers or “scrappers” is increasing day by day, it has come up with the Scrapper Report.


Protecting the Original Content

Many Search engine optimization companies and internet marketing experts are keenly observing each and every Google update. As the major updates like Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird have put a lot of impact on many websites, nobody wants to take a chance by disregarding any of the Google’s developments. The latest Scrapper report is definitely a step towards the betterment of the users and genuine websites.

This development shows signs of protecting the original content and prevents infringing. Although there is no indication that all the web content that has duplicate or copied content will be removed permanently, it will at least help the original publisher site to rank first.

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