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Benefits And Features Of Case Studies In A Design Portfolio

As a Web Designer in this day and age, it is difficult to stand out in the crowd amongst so many other designers out there competing for the attention of future clients.

There are a number of ways Web Designers promote their work, but few have come to realize the power case studies in a design portfolio can provide. Case studies are essentially an effective means of providing an in-depth look at how designers go about their design process and best meet the needs of clients they have worked with in the past.

Design Portfolio
Another great benefit of incorporating case studies in a design portfolio is the ability for designers to illustrate to prospective clients what their capabilities are and how, when faced with project obstacles, they were able to overcome them.

When it comes to putting together a professional case study with a “wow” factor, the following features should be included:

• Add A Clear Overview Of Project

Providing a project overview will give online visitors a general idea about what the project was about and make it easier for them to understand what the deliverables were.

• Define Challenges Faced

Incorporate a clear definition of the challenges faced by not only the client being served at the time, but also any design hurdles experienced along the way.


In keeping in line with user centered marketing, understand who your target audience is, as it relates to projects.

• Note Team Involvement And Specific Roles

Provide an explanation on who the key players were on the project, and outline their roles and responsibilities.

• Include Project Restrictions

Paint a picture of some of the project restrictions that were faced during the design process. Examples of possible restrictions could include time constraints, limited access to the client, change in the scope of the project etc.

• Illustrate The Design Process

Offering potential clients the ability to have a bird’s eye view of the design process that took place during a project instills a sense of confidence that yes, in fact, the designer can successfully deliver.

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