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Ahead of the Game: Web Design Trends Your Business Needs to Know About

Do you run a business in Vancouver, B.C.? You’ll no doubt have given some thought to your company’s web presence but how closely do you follow the latest trends. As a brand that specializes in web designing in Vancouver, we find ourselves continually adapting to the newest technologies and tastes.

latest web design trends

Economy of Gesture:

Whatever your website offers, efficient workflows are essential. This applies particularly to ecommerce sites. Users don’t want to be guided through an endless succession of windows. They want to complete their purchases in a few easy clicks. Today, mobile technology has vastly altered user expectations. Ecommerce must cater for the person on the run, the person booking a holiday on their Smartphone etc. Our focus on web designing in Vancouver keeps us at the very forefront of these changes. We analyze and adapt to the latest developments, so that your business remains at the cutting edge.

Mobile-First Methodologies:

Increasingly, we see design for mobile being prioritized over design for PCs and laptops. This is a definite statement of intent. 77% of the total global population has some kind of mobile device. The majority of phones now come with integrated browsers. Additionally, geolocation technologies are becoming ever more sophisticated. Mobile technologies and responsive designs reward minimalism. Cluttered and text-heavy sites are becoming less popular.

Adapting to the Visual:

If you require web designing in Vancouver, find developers who understand the new paradigms. The Internet is becoming more visually rich. With the development of Retina screen technologies there’s a new focus on high pixel densities and ultra high-quality images. Techniques like Infinite Scroll Landing define the current landscape. You can observe this in sites like Pinterest where images load as you scroll down the page.

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