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5 Benefits of a Mobile Website

There was a time when one could simply have a website and think no more of it. Nowadays however, with technology and consumer behavior having changed so significantly, e-Commerce businesses must place emphasis on creating great user experiences. A large part of meeting these changing needs is to develop and provide a mobile website, which is accessible for users utilizing all kinds of mobile devices.

Benefits of a Mobile Website

Here are 5 benefits of a mobile site that will serve both your customers and business well:

1. Mobile Devices Are In The Hands Of Most

The number of people using mobile devices over that of a PC continues to rise with the ongoing popularity of handheld devices, such as smart phones and tablets.  This essentially means that people are searching and purchasing via their mobile devices, which all have varying screen sizes. If your website is not optimized for mobile access you are creating a frustrating user experience for your customers as they will encounter difficulty in viewing and navigating your website.

2. SEO Rankings Will Improve

Providing a mobile website not only enhances the user experience, but it pleases Google’s algorithm (released this year) which favors websites which are mobile optimized. With a mobile site you gain increased traffic and in turn boost SEO rankings.

3. Boosts User Interaction

A great benefit of a mobile website is the ability to enhance user interaction with your site as the easier it is for visitors to view and navigate the more likely they are to invest more time using your website.

4. Enhances Online Sales

Given that consumers are able to access your website not only through their PC, but also through their mobile devices, they are essentially getting greater exposure to your business brand and are more likely to follow through on conversions.

5. Stand Apart From Competitors

Even though Google has unveiled its new algorithm for SEO ranking, many businesses have not gone on board to develop a mobile optimized site. This presents a great opportunity for you to stand apart from your competitors and reach out to potential new consumers beyond their reach.

There are more than 5 benefits of a mobile site, but the above mentioned ones will definitely favor your customer and business wants and needs.

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